The Hobbit audiobook CD

Are you looking for The Hobbit audiobook CD? There are two versions: the abridged and the unabridged. You can get both of them here. We also talk about why you would even want to get The Hobbit audiobook on CD in the first place.

Two versions to choose from

Over the years many versions of The Hobbit audiobook have been released. They can be put roughly into two categories: the unabridged and the abridged version.

The unabridged version is for those who want the entire book, down to the last detail. Every letter from the book is included in this version. You won’t miss a thing from Bilbo’s epic adventure in The Hobbit audiobook unabridged version.

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The abridged version of the Hobbit audiobook holds all the essential story of the book and more. It is an audio dramatization of the original text, running well over four hours of listening time. This version is ideal if you want to hear the story in an overseeable amount of time.

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Why The Hobbit audiobook on CD?

On this website we mainly speak about the instantly downloadable version of The Hobbit audiobook. This is what most people are interested in nowadays, because it is so quick, easy and cheap. However, there are also good reasons to buy the CD version of The Hobbit audiobook.

The first and most important reason is that many people still use a CD-player. CD’s were the dominant medium for music and audiobooks for decades, and plenty of people have a large collection that they still like to play. If you are an audiobook collector, or just someone who likes to put a CD in the player, then the Hobbit audiobook CD version might be just the thing for you.

Of course there is also the matter of actually having something to hold in your hands, and to put on display. Although having everything in digital format has its practical merits, your cabinet will look a little bit more colorful when you add the Hobbit audiobook in CD format to it. If you’re looking for a present to give, a CD is probably also your best option.

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